Green Energy Generators for Rubberwood Air-jet Veneer Dryer

Project Description

Design and Supply of 1 nos of 6 tons/hr Steam Biomass Heat Energy Generators c/w the full operation plant of steam distribution piping, condensate recovery system and controls.

Design and Supply of one unit of Rubberwood Air-jet Veneer Dryer of 4 decks x 12 drying chambers.

Technology Category

Green Effort

Technology Ownership

Client Owned

Project Value

USD 750.000.00

Scope of Works

To Design, Fabricate, Erect, Test and Commission, and Guarantee;

One Systems of 6 ton/hr Biomass Steam Generation Plants comprising of:

• Cast Iron Flat Grate Combi Type High Pressure Biomass Steam Boiler System for woodchips firing
• Biomass Storage Bunker c/w Conveyor Extractor System
• Environmental Control Multicylone Dust Scrubber System
• Flue Gas and Combustion Control Induce-fan Exhaust System
• Combustion Air Preheating System for burning wet Fuel
• Steam Piping, Pressure Regulation, Condensate and Flash Steam Recovery Systems for the Timber Veneer Dryer Plant

Supply of one unit of Automatic Airjet Veneer Dryer for rubberwood timber veneer drying comprising of:

• Supply of 10 Drying Chambers, 2 Cooling Chambers of panel construction with rockwool insulation and metal plate cladding, with side doors for operation and maintenance
• Chain conveyor roller conveyors x 4 decks for conveying timber veneer
• Fintube type steam heat-exchangers for the 10 heating chambers
• Axial Aluminium Aerofoil hot air fans with high temperature sealed motors for the 12 chambers.
• High velocity airjet blowers for fast and efficient drying of timber veneer for the 10 chambers
• Feeding and Output Roller Conveyors
• Control systems for conveyor speed and steam