Eco-friendly Crumb Rubber Drying Process

Project Description

Design and Supply of 1 nos of 15 tons High Pressure Biomass Steam Generators c/w the full operation plant of piping, heat exchangers and controls.

Design and Supply of Patented Crumb-rubber Indirect Drying System for 2 nos Process Plants as Alternative to existing Diesel-Fired Direct Hot Air Generation for the purpose of Energy Cost Savings.

Technology Category

Green Effort

Technology Ownership

Client Owned

Project Value

USD 1,720.000.00

Scope of Works

To Design, Fabricate, Erect, Test and Commission, and Guarantee;

One System of Steam Heat Energy Generation Plants comprising of:

• Biomass Dynamic Pusher Grate Combi Type High Pressure Biomass Steam Boiler System for Palm Fibre and kernel Shell Firing
• Biomass Moving Flow Bunker c/w Automatic Conveyor Feeding System
• Environmental Control Multicylone Dust Scrubber System
• Flue Gas and Combustion Control Induce-fan Exhaust System
• Combustion Air Preheating System for burning wet Fuel
• Steam Piping, Pressure Regulation, Condensate and Flash Steam Recovery Systems for two process plants

Two Nos Crumb-rubber Indirect Hot-air Drying System for 2 nos Process Plants comprising of:

• 15 stations of Hot-air Generators with alternative heat inputs from either direct diesel burners or from steam heat exchangers c/w by-pass and quick-change dampers

• 45 unit of custom designed fintube heater batteries of 1.0 million BTUs each with designs for fast interchange for chemical washing

• Temperature Regulation and Control System for the process heat energy generation system