Epoxidized Green Rubber Project

Project Description

Design, Fabricate, Install and Commission a 10 Ton Capacity Green Rubber Processing Plant. It is a form of epoxidized natural rubber (ENR) and is an established class of specialty rubber obtained by epoxidation of natural rubber (NR) latex. It is a green material as it is produced from a renewable natural source unlike synthetic rubber which are derived from non-replenishable petroleum.

Ecotherm Technology Contracted Exclusively to Design, Fabricate, Install and Commission a Commercial Scale Processing Plant basing on Malaysian Rubber Board’s (MRB) Pilot Scale Research Unit for the Manufacturing of the all New Green Rubber Technology.

This Green Rubber Technology is an National Key Economic Area Project (NKEA) Spearheaded by the Countries Performance Management and Delivery Unit (PEMANDU), Technology by Malaysia Rubber Board (MRB), Developed by FELDA and Hardware Design by Ecotherm Technology

Technology Category

Green Effort

Technology Ownership

Client Owned

Project Value

USD 1,500.000.00