About Us

Upholding a proud tradition of efficiency, reliability and sustainability since the 1908's.

Ecotherm Sdn Bhd is a visionary company that specialises in energy conservation with an extensive experience of over 25 years in creating and supplying top-notch, eco- friendly and cost-effective solutions for the construction, manufacturing, packaging and energy generation industries.

The Company was initially set up to undertake business in heat energy engineering. It has now grown into a more diversified business group serving the general industries in the supply of process consultancy, heat energy supply, product management and commercialization of green products and technologies, patented proprietary manufacturing plants and process engineering systems and components.

The company, in recognition of the growing global awareness and concern for climate change and the need for Eco-friendly products and technologies, adopted a new business model. With the extensive experiences gained from the self-developing and successful commercialization of five major green technologies.

The Company formulated a plan to build its businesses in the development of green and high value-add products and technologies by the collaboration with innovators, inventors, and universities and research institutes where the Company will provide the much needed product development & management and commercialization expertise for achieving market commercialization success.

The company’s spirit for continual improvement via innovation and technology will be its forte for providing efficient and competitive solutions to its customers.