005 : DUO PRO II

Project Description

The Duo Molds Glove Dipping System is the key system in the manufacturing process for natural and synthetic rubber glove for household, industrial, medical and other usages. The system comprises of a multi-row chain conveyor system equipped with Duo Molds, which are supported, guided and rotated for the course of the glove manufacturing process. The Duo Molds Glove Dipping System (Duo Pro II) is designed to produce bigger output capacity compared to the standard prior art system.

This high efficiency Duo Molds Glove Dipping System will:

  • Double the production output but running at the speed of standard production system.
  • Reduce energy consumption by 40% per unit glove.
  • Reduce production labour by 50%.
  • Reduce machinery cost by 30% and production space by 50%.

Consumers of Duo Pro II benefits in many ways:

  • Not only provides the competitive advantage to glove manufactures but also ensure their profitability and growth.
  • Helps the country to reduce fossil fuel consumption by 0.472 million tons/yr at RM1.44 billion/yr or Carbon Emission Reduction equivalent of 3.976 million tons/yr (0.4 x 9.94 million tons/year).