004 : EX-PACK

Project Description

The majority of the world’s usage of pallets is constructed from wood. This is due to the properties of wood that make the pallet reusable and repairable. Due to heavy deforestation, wood continues to become a scarcer and a more valuable commodity. The cost effectiveness of using wood for pallet making is fast being eroded. New regulations regarding waste disposal have increased disposal fees of wooden pallets. Changing attitudes towards environmental issues and corporate responsibilities are leading companies to re-examine their pallet usage and management strategies. The issue of global warming due to deforestation and efforts from both government and non-government organizations(NGOS) to control the use of tropical timber are exerting much pressure against the continual usage of wooden pallets.

This lead the Company to invent and later commercialize an environmental friendly metal packaging system. The product, a Disposable Light Weight Metal Pellet designed to replace non-environmentally friendly wooden pellets that are used in the packaging and transportation of crumb-rubber bales. This new technology fulfills a need and is well accepted, and is set to remodel the current practice of the industry.