003 : G.E.R.D.S

Project Description

The G.E.R.D. System invention for the Standard Malaysian Rubber rubber processing industry of a Biomass Energy Crumb-rubber Indirect Drying System was commercialized in year 2008. This product is also positioned to contribute significantly to the development of an Eco-friendly green-rubber for the manufacturing of green-tires for the automobile industry. The system reduces CO2 emission by a quarter ton per ton of rubber produced and reduces process energy cost by 60 percent.

The G.E.R.D. System is competitively priced giving a return of investment of less than 9 months and a continuous production energy cost savings of more than 60 percent. For a standard factory with four units of Crumb Rubber Chamber Line Dryers, about USD 1 Million of fuel cost is saved per year.