002 : BIO MAX

Project Description

Bio-Max is a biomass combustion system with designs and features to meet with stringent standards of high operational efficiency, smoke-free combustion, approved emission and waste disposal, and certified low carbon-footprint biomass.

The commercialization of this product aims to develop a new source of heat energy to the crumb rubber industry for processing high quality natural rubber. The technology, an energy generator Bio-Max for the Green Energy Rubber Drying System.

Agricultural biomass wastes such as palm fiber, empty-fruit-bunch fiber, wood-chips, rice-husk and coconut-shell are burnt in a dynamic furnace. The heat energy generated is extracted by a medium such as steam or thermal-oil and channeled to a chamber-line-dryer where the heat energy is transferred via an exchange system to dry technically specified crumb-rubber (TSR) for producing block natural rubber.